Best Guitar for Blues: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Instrument

Fender 0119210801 Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster

Fender 0119210801 Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster

White Blonde lacquer finish
59 Tele single-coil pickups
Oval C''-shaped maple neck
Dual ''top loader'' bridge
Best Guitar for Blues: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Instrument 1
 Squier by Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric

Squier by Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric

100% designed by Fender
Inspired by 1950s-era Telecaster Models
Fender-Designed alnico pickups
Vintage-tint gloss neck finish
Best Guitar for Blues: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Instrument 1
 The Loar LH-204-BR Brownstone Small Body Acoustic Guitar

The Loar LH-204-BR Brownstone Small Body Acoustic Guitar

Solid Sitka Spruce Top
Mahogany Back and Sides
Bound Soundhole
TonePros TPKR3-N Tuning Machines
Best Guitar for Blues: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Instrument 1


Arched solid spruce top
Laminated maple sides and arched back
Vintage-style single coil pickup
Vintage-style V-shaped mahogany neck
Best Guitar for Blues: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Instrument 1
 Guild Starfire V Electric Guitar with Case

Guild Starfire V Electric Guitar with Case

Arched Laminated Mahogany Top and Back
3 Piece Neck
Guild Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Guild LB-1 "Little Bucker" Neck
Best Guitar for Blues: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Instrument 1

Are you still one of those who are struggling to find the best guitar for blues? Well, we have made your work easier. We understand how hectic it can become in finding the perfect guitar that can suit your needs. Also, the internet is filled with such different kinds of information that it makes it almost impossible for anyone to choose a single guitar from the whole lot. Also, information on the best blues guitar is limited and constrained to a specific domain. That is why we have enlisted some of the best guitars for blues.

Best Guitar for Blues – Buying Guide

Factors one should look for in the best guitar for blues

We realize how much one loves listening to the blues. It was because of the American Blues that this form of music got to become one of the coolest styles in the world. Therefore, if you have decided to teach yourself this cool style and want to get yourself the best guitar for blues, then well you must consider some factors before going shopping. These factors will help you in prioritizing your needs and will put your necessities on top. They are:

  • Always decide the style: It sounds cool if you have saved a big chunk of money for spending on your favorite guitar for blues. Even as an amateur, there are chances that one may end up getting that guitar that excels the others in terms of looks. Therefore, care must be taken that emphasis is made more on the sounds rather than the looks. You can own or make your own style, but it is always necessary to prioritize the quality of sound and comfort over style. This will surely help you in getting the best guitar for blues.
  • What to choose an acoustic or an electric guitar? This can be one of the hardest decisions to make, and many get confused while deciding. In short, if you happen to be a hard-core Jum Hendrix or Zep Zeppelin fan, then it would be advisable to invest in an electric guitar. Otherwise, if you happen to be a beginner, investing in an acoustic guitar would be the correct choice for you. The acoustic guitars are designed to give a separate kind of charm that one cannot find in amplified blues sounds. Also, investing in an electric guitar can be a bit over budget. One will also have to spend a good chunk of money on distortion pedals, processors, and amplifiers to characterize the perfect Blues sounds.
  • Should one go for a brand-new guitar or a used one? Usually, many music teachers recommend going for used guitar rather than spending on a new one. The fretboard is a lot smoother in used guitars and therefore, facilitates easy and comfortable playing. Also, this ensures that you don’t have to pay a lot to purchase your best guitar for blues. Therefore, before buying a new guitar, give a check to the old one. If they happen to be in good condition, then don’t hesitate to buy them.
  • Always consider your budget: This must be done in every possible case. This can be availed by going through online stores where one can easily get a nice discount on his favorite variant of a guitar. Also, too much low price shouldn’t be considered as the quality also depends on the price. After much surfing and scrolling, you must choose a model that excels in producing the best quality sounds, looks good, and suits your favorite Blues style.
  • Always pay attention to the tone: If it’s your first time purchasing your first Blues-style guitar, then you must pay attention to the kinds of tones the guitar can produce. Always ensure that you tune the guitar properly and always get it plugged in for playing. Make sure that you play the guitar as it will help you in understanding the tones properly. Always give check on the design as manufacturing defects are pretty common.

Therefore, by following these steps one can get almost a rough idea of what points should be kept in mind while purchasing a particular guitar. This will not only help you fetch the best guitar for blues but will also ensure that you remain within your budget for the maximum time.

Best Guitar for Blues Reviews

1) Fender 0119210801 Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster

Fender 0119210801 Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster

This guitar was manufactured in remembrance of Jimmy Page who changed the music industry with the help of a single guitar. The set comes in a white blonde lacquer finish which makes it a one-of-a-kind instrument. The gadget is also believed to produce the best iconic riffs. It features a beautiful ash body. It also comes pre-equipped with Jimmy Page-styled pick-ups.

They have been made from single coils to ensure the high definition of full-bodied tones. It also has an oval C-shaped neck that comes pre-equipped with 21 frets. The neck also comprises a 7.75-inch radius of the rosewood fingerboard. This ensures the smoothest feel while playing. One can also play with warmer and rounder tones via its top-loader bridge. It facilitates easy bending of the strings. It also incorporates vintage-styled tuning mechanisms for style and perfect tuning.

The guitar also includes the famous signature of Jimmy Page on its headstock. Its chrome-plated neck adds charm to the whole unit. Apart from all these, the set also comes with eight round mirrors, straps made from stained glass, black-colored coiled cables, and a certificate of authenticity.


  • It comes with a white-hued blonde lacquer finish.
  • It also comes with customized sets of single-coiled pickups.
  • It showcases a vintage-style case.
  • The tweed case comes pre-equipped with eight round mirrors.
  • It incorporates an “Oval C” shaped customized neck.
  • It also includes a 7.75 inched rosewood fingerboard.
  • The guitar also comes pre-equipped with a threaded version of steel saddles.

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2) Squier by Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric

Squier by Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric

This guitar from the brand Squier is filled with loads of features. Every feature has been carved out in detail. The inspiration for its design comes from the iconic version of Fender Telecaster. The gadget facilitates countless recordings via its single coil telecaster-styled pick-ups. It comprises six saddles that help in providing the perfect intonation. It also enables one to adjust the height of the string concerning the fingerboard.

It widely facilitates tonal variations via the help of tone control, master volume, and three-way pickup selectors. Its C-shaped neck has been designed in such a way that it can easily fit into every human’s palm curvature. This builds a direct connection between the instrument and the player. Therefore, if you are willing to get into the art of playing the guitar, then this guitar is worth giving a second thought.


  • It provides the best design of an instrument.
  • It comprises two single coils which facilitate the playing of iconic tones with efficiency.
  • Its top load telecaster helps in optimal tuning stability.
  • Its C-shaped neck assists in a comfortable style of playing.
  • It comprises a total of 21 frets.
  • This can also be one of the best guitars for blues.

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  3) The Loar LH-204-BR Brownstone Small Body Acoustic Guitar

The Loar LH-204-BR Brownstone Small Body Acoustic Guitar

If you have been looking for a vintage-style guitar for quite a long time, then wait, as this guitar can suit your requirements. Being hued in dark meaty colors, this instrument is the perfect example of retro vintage style. The gadget features a solid Sitka spruce top and sides and back made from mahogany. The fretboard has been manufactured from rosewood to give that classic war style.

The guitar also comes with a lustrous brown finish. The unit incorporates a headstock design that symbolizes the guitar’s ancestry and signifies its heritage. Being equipped with a C-shaped neck, 25.4 inches scale, and 1-11/16 inches of bone nut, this guitar goes with every blues style. Its ivoroid sound hole enhances the overall beauty of this set.


  • Its top portion has been manufactured from solid Sitka spruce.
  • It is well-equipped with mahogany backs and sides.
  • It comprises a bound soundhole.
  • It comprises efficient mechanisms of tuning machines.
  • Its fingerboard has been made from rosewood.

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4) Gretsch Guitars 9555 New Yorker Archtop Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sunburst


This guitar from the brand Gretsch assures crackerjack quality at an affordable price. The guitar comes pre-equipped with every feature that one may require in his first-ever guitar. The gadget has been made from the best quality guitar woods and has been painted into pleasing and warm tones. It comes with a 24 scale. This facilitates endless hours of comfortable playing. Its C-shaped neck symbolizes a 50s-style headstock.

Apart from these, the unit also comes pre-equipped with an f12 rosewood fingerboard along with a beautiful alignment of vintage-style frets. Its rosewood top-load bridge comes pre-equipped with saddles, and its vintage-style tuning machines add charm to the whole unit. This guitar can be availed at the lowest price without comprising its quality.


  • The whole set comes with a glossy vintage finish.
  • Its top, sides, and backs are semi-glossed.
  • It comprises of vintage-style fingerboard and headstock.
  • It incorporates an open-gear die-cast tuning machine.
  • Its top-load bridge comes well-equipped with a PPS saddle.
  • This can be among your ideas for buying the best guitar for blues.

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5) Guild Starfire V Electric Guitar with Case

Guild Starfire V Electric Guitar with Case

This guitar gives one the perfect voice for different playing styles and skills. The gadget showcases a semi-hollow beauty with grace. It comprises of a 16 3/8 inch long body and comes with Little Bucker pick-ups for ensuring outstanding assimilation of sounds. The whole set features an arched back and top along with dual f-holes.

It comes with ivory white binding and portrays a center-block construction. Its other features include a three-piece mahogany neck along with a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets in total. It comes in Pearloid block inlays, individual controls for tones and volumes, and three-way pickup selector switches. Its rosewood base, efficient tuning machines, nickel parts, and the perfect hue of cherry color build up the style of the guitar with grace.


  • The guitar comes with an arched style of laminated mahogany back, top, and sides.
  • It comes pre-equipped with a three-piece neck.
  • It comprises an Indian rosewood fingerboard.
  • It comes with guild LB-1 little bucker pick-ups and neck.
  • It also includes a deluxe version of a hardshell case.

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Therefore, these are the names of some of the best guitars for blues. They are highly efficient in their mechanism and will provide you with the desired style and sounds that you had expected from your favorite set of guitar.


1) What can be one’s best guitar for ensuring proper blues guitar playing?

This all depends on the guitar’s body size, its shape, the width of its fret, and the material of its string. If you happen to be a beginner, go for these details to fetch the best guitar for blues.

2) What kind of material or wood is generally preferred for blues guitarist?

This comes down to one’s personal experience. You will be getting a lot of options on the Internet. From different materials, styles, and sizes, the list goes on and on. Therefore, you need to develop your own experience as to what material and style of guitar will suit you the best. Also, the most commonly used material is wood. When it comes to wood, manufacturers generally prefer to choose mahogany. This material is 100% sturdy, withholds great tones, and facilitates getting the job done with efficiency.

3) Which type of guitar body is generally preferred?

One can readily choose from a jumbo version of guitars to parlor ones. The bigger size of guitars usually tends to possess a wide variety of tones. This is usually not considered suitable for beginners whose first objective is to master the fretboard first.

4) Without the slide hitting the strings, how can one play the blues slide guitar?

This can be done by raising the action. But this increment can result in putting your guitar out of action. Therefore proper care must be taken for the same.

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