Yamaha P45 Review: An In-Depth Look at This Popular Digital Piano

Know Why Yamaha P45 Is The Best With This Yamaha P45 Review

Pianos are something quite fun. One can have a great time playing one of these, and it can be learned easily too. One has to make sure that they are learning it from the correct source. An acoustic piano usually has around 88 keys. But not everyone can afford a piano. In such a case, digital pianos come to the rescue. These are a close substitute for a piano and are quite affordable too. One such product is the Yamaha P45 review. In this article, we present you the Yamaha P45 review which has proven to be a good product for many and has many fans too.

Yamaha P45 Digital Piano Review

Product Description

The Yamaha P45 review is one of the best digital pianos available online. It features 88 keys which are just the size of a piano. All these keys give it a great touch and feel. It is one of the cheapest ones available online. It also comes with an adapter that is made of high quality. It is an ideal one for any beginner as it has all the basic features.

yamaha p45 piano


  • Its keys are just like an acoustic piano. They feel lighter on the high end and give a heavy feel on the lower.
  • With the Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling, you can recreate the natural sounds in the stereo.
  • You can experiment all you want with different kinds of music because it also features 64-note polyphony.
  • You can combine two tunes because of the availability of the Dual mode. It is quite fun if you are trying something new.
  • It also has the USB to HOST feature with which you can reach out to a wider audience easily.
  • It is quite lightweight making it much easier for you to carry it anywhere you want. It also has 10 different voices which helps in having a lot in just one purchase.

Product Information:-

  • It weighs only 36.4 pounds.
  • Its dimensions are 57.6× 16.5× 11.9 inches.


  • It features a matte finish on the black keys.
  • The keyboard has a good finish helping it have a good grip.
  • AWM Stereo Sampling is used to ensure you get a rich sound quality.
  • You can change the voices by simply pressing a button.
  • It comes with a PA 150 power adapter.
  • The adapter is of 120V and 60 Hz

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It is surely something quite close to an acoustic piano. Its great sound quality is what makes it even better. You can enjoy playing various music tomes with this one. It is something which will meet all your requirements easily. Its keyboard has a great finish. The grip is quite easy to make. Also, its keys are polished to ensure they are not slippery. You can practice for hours at once with this one because it is quite easy to use.

It has a “Grand Piano” function. You have to press that button, and the voice will change. It is quite easy to operate so regardless of your age, you will easily understand how to operate this one. And even in the case you don’t understand how to operate it, you can check the packaging once. It can also play demo sources and configure the metronome using the same. Also, you can assemble it easily. Just take it out of the box, and it is ready to use. You can use a stand and a comfortable stool to practice for long hours.

To make sure that you don’t disturb anyone while practicing, you can plug on your headphones. It will make your learning experience better as you’ll be able to listen closely to all your mistakes. If you want to listen to your performance at some other place, just use the adapter provided along with this one. The adapter is of good quality ensuring that you can play without any hindrance. We hope this Yamaha P45 review was helpful to you. And it also helped in knowing all the details you should know about this one.

The Conclusion

All in all, it is undoubtedly a great one to go for. You may easily find many more digital pianos out there, but none of them offers the same features as this one. It is a full package designed especially to meet all your requirements so that you don’t have to look up more products later on. It is something that will make your practice sessions much more fun and easier. Based on this Yamaha P45 review, we hope that you know which digital piano to go for when looking for one. So what are you waiting for? Just click the link and buy it today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are all the different voices included in this one?

Ans. – The Yamaha P45 features around 10 voices. These include the voices of two grand pianos, two electric pianos, two pipe organs, strings, a vibraphone, and lastly, two harpsichords. All these add to how good this one is.

2. Can I record my performances and play them on other platforms?

Ans. – Yes, you can easily do this. From the headphone output, plug in an adaptor. It has a stereo output which will help you in recording your performances easily. Later, you can plug it into whatever device you wish and enjoy the performance.

3. Do I need an additional speaker or an acoustic box?

Ans. – When you use the Yamaha P45, you will notice that it has a loud volume already. You won’t have to set up additional speakers to make yourself heard. However, if you are playing in front of a wider audience, you can use some extra speakers for a better experience.

4. Can I make it stand upright while storing?

Ans. – It may not be able to balance itself, but yes you can make it stand upright on one of its ends. But you must make sure to keep it safe or else it may get damaged.

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