How To Strum A Guitar?

Music is an integral part of our life. All of us like to listen to music in our day-to-day life. Music relieves our stress and helps us to relax. Our love for music has made a lot of us try and play musical instruments. Among instruments, the most popular one is the guitar. Playing the guitar is one of the most liked activities throughout the world. Different players strum their guitars differently. Let us see how to strum a guitar.

How to strum a guitar without a pick?

how to strum a guitar

A guitar can be picked without using a strum with the help of the thumb and the first finger. The thing is to use the first finger and thumb together. The player has to put the thumb and first finger together as if the player is holding a pick. After that, the player has to play the guitar maintaining the same finger posture. The movement of the fingers in this posture and the striking of the nails with the string produce a sound similar to that of the sound produced with a pick.

How to strum a guitar with a pick?

The task has to be achieved in three steps. The first step is to hold the guitar properly. The guitar has to be held properly between both hands and balanced the guitar properly. Then the second step is to adjust the fingers. Curl the fingers except for the thumb. Then the job is to hold the pick between the curled first finger and the thumb. Then the last step is to know the movements and practice the different styles. The players should try to strum the strings equally and should develop fluent wrist movement.

How to strum a guitar with fingers?

Strumming with fingers is one of the most common methods of strumming a guitar. In strumming with fingers the thumb and the first finger is used. They are arranged in a way of mimicking the activity of the fingers holding a thumb. Then the string of the guitar is strummed with the fingers in that posture. Now the fingers produce a sound similar to that the sound produced while using a strum. Actually, this sound is produced due to the posture of the fingers along with the activity of the nails.

How to strum a guitar correctly?

how to strum a guitar

In playing guitar there is no right or wrong in strumming a guitar. Some musicians use picks, and some use fingers to strum a guitar. This decision depends wholly on the choice of the guitarist. Some like to use pick while strumming because it helps in learning a lot of additional techniques, although most of the players follow a common technique. Similarly, many guitarists like to use their fingers to strum because of the flexibility it provides. So, there is no perfect technique. Everything depends on the choice of the musician who is playing the guitar.


  1. How to strum a guitar properly?

    The first step is to select a guitar and by selecting I mean holding the guitar in a proper posture. Once the player has held the guitar in a proper posture with the correct angle, the next step is to select the mode of strumming. Guitarists use both pick and fingers for strumming a guitar. It depends solely on the choice of the musician. They can use any of the options. The last step is to practice the different movements and get adjusted to the chords.

  2. How to strum the guitar up and down?

    Strumming a guitar up and down is the most common strumming pattern on a guitar. The thing is to strum the strings of the guitar up and down alternately. In the up-and-down strumming of the guitar, the player uses two strokes for every beat instead of using one stroke. In this process, the tempo is kept the same, but for every beat, the guitar is strummed twice. The sequence is DUDUDUDU. While learning this up-and-down strumming method, it is better if the players use a thin pick to strum. It is considered better as the thin strums help to adjust to the sequence easily.

  3. How to strum a guitar acoustic?

    The best way to strum an acoustic guitar is to down-strum the strings. The ghost strum technique is used by a lot of players while playing acoustic. Players can use both pick and hand to play acoustic. The use of pick or fingers doesn’t affect it much. But the players should watch the beats. Like in the ghost strum technique, the player performs the down strum but does not use the up strum while moving up. Thus the player should maintain the beat and everything else goes perfectly fine.

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